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Time To Check-In...With Your Practice!

Running your own chiropractic practice is no walk in the park, from staffing to taking care of clients to billing…and so much more! It’s easy to get wrapped up in the day-to-day tasks you need to accomplish, and we don’t blame you. When is the last time you really looked at your overall procedures and checked in with how your practice is running? Let’s get back to basics for a moment in check-in with your practice!

What Successful People Have in Common

What Successful People Have in Common

What do all successful people have in common? Read more to see how you can become more successful in your practice and your life!

A Candid Interview with Rick and Brett

Check out an interview with Rick and Brett on how to handle all things positive and negative for your practice!

Be Famous in Your Community

Get out of your office and show face in your community! It is easy to rely on social media to get the word out there, but if people can see you in person and interact with you, then that will create a better bond with them. Become known in your community and watch your practice grow.

Make Your Decision

The financial aspect of chiropractic care can be intimidating, and a lot of the responsibilities of having your own practice isn't necessarily learned in school. Make sure you have your own vision, mission and philosophy to keep going. Make your decisions and stick with them.