STOP! Time For Self Care

As someone running your own chiropractic practice, you know the stress can seriously add up. Getting bills paid, building a great team, providing your patients with the best treatment possible...and we could go on. Your never-ending to-do list can be a constant source of anxiety. But what if you let the stress get to you? When you suffer from stress, not only does your health suffer, but so does your practice. That's why it's important to stop and take some time for self-care.

Support System

Running a practice isn't without its challenges, and you can't start a business without stumbling and falling somewhere along the way. Having a strong support system, whether it be your spouse, a close friend, or even trusted colleagues, can provide you with the voice of optimism needed when things aren't all you were hoping for. Your support system will help you on your road to success, pick you up when you've fallen down, and make your successes that much sweeter!

Mastermind Group

Have you ever heard of a mastermind group? It is when a group of people with similar success levels and interests regularly get together to help each other work through issues in their business, provide support, and even accountability. Mastermind groups challenge you to think in new ways and provide support and mentorship when you are facing a challenge in your practice. Friends and loved ones are vital to your support system, but sometimes you need people who understand what you do and the position you're in while providing honest feedback and perspective.

If you don't know of any professionals in a related field near you, try to go online. A quick Google search will get you connected in no time! 

Meditation Moments

Sometimes you just need to take a mental timeout. A great way to do this is by practicing meditation. If this isn't something you've tried before, there are plenty of apps you can download that will guide you (HeadSpace, Insight Timer, Calm). When you are constantly "doing" something, you aren't necessarily getting more done; you might just be burning out faster. Taking a moment to meditate gives your mind a break. Try going through a quick meditation between patients or other day-to-day tasks. 

Whether you're taking time for yourself during a hectic day, meeting with other like-minded professionals, or just unwinding with your loved ones, self-care is necessary to refocus your thoughts and get back on track.