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Problems With Patient Retention?

Are you having trouble with patient retention? We find many chiropractic professionals are focused solely on attracting new patients and inadvertently neglect their existing patients. Getting new patients is great and an essential part of operating your practice, but you certainly don’t want to lose the loyal following you’ve built. In fact, it costs more money to get a new patient and returning patients drive a greater ROI. Your happy patients can be your best brand ambassadors, and that’s only a few reasons to invest in patient retention. Here are our tips to keep your patients coming back to your chiropractic practice.

The 4 Principles of Chiropractic Care

Explaining the 4 principles of chiropractic care to your patients is key in having them understand what procedures are being done, and how this can affect their life longterm. Teach your patients, and little by little they can achieve the necessary outcome! If you want to learn more about this topic, register for our seminar today! From May 4th-6th, we will be in Ontario Canada discussing these topics and much more that will prepare your team for greatness! 

Patient Education

Patient Education

We have been learning about patient education since we were in Chiropractic College, but so few of us do it effectively…why is that?