Patient Education

We have been learning about patient education since we were in Chiropractic College, but so few of us do it effectively…why is that?

One theory is that we are so busy trying to jam OUR agenda down our patients’ throats, that we never stop to figure out what THEIR agenda is.  In other words, we need to ZIP IT!  We need to stop caring so much about our robotic scripting and focus on making our patients feel heard.

The best way to do this is to ask questions and LISTEN TO THE RESPONSES.  Many of us have been taught the benefits of using the Socratic method, but we are so eager to ask our next question, we never heard the answer to the first one.  When your patients are willing to share their feelings, their fears, their motivators, and their priorities, you are getting a look into what is most important to them.  When you link the benefits of lifetime chiropractic care with the Patient’s agenda, you are building a two-way bridge…your patient lives subluxation-free and you grow your practice to any level you desire.