Focusing on Positivity in 2019

Some view the start of the new year and return to work with dread, but we like to take the approach of a fresh start. It’s a time to reflect on where your chiropractic practice is at, and where you’d like it to be. The start of 2019 is the perfect time for a new way of thinking.

Do You Really Need A Resolution?

Sure, it’s great to set goals for yourself (like making marketing your New Year’s resolution), but you don’t really need to make a resolution, do you? So many people make resolutions just to break them. Instead of doing the same cliche of “I’m going to run five miles a day and join a gym!” that just gets repeated year after year, put that aside and try something bigger and better.

Forget that stereotypical list of things that you feel like you’re just supposed to do and take some time to listen to that inner voice we all have. You know the one, it’s that inner monologue that is continuously playing in your mind….all the time. It’s the self-criticisms and regrets that you try to suppress. It’s also that voice that tells you the type of person and leader who aspire to become.

Start By Listening


In 2019, take the time to listen to the positive in that voice and act upon it. You may doubt yourself, but deep down, you know that you are capable of bettering yourself and your practice. It’s not those extra 10 pounds you really care about; it’s taking control of your life and your business and growing both to their fullest potential.

Maybe you’ve been putting off making changes. You don’t want to fire the administrative assistant, even though her toxic attitude is detrimental to the entire practice. You don’t want to take the leap and spend the marketing dollars, because what if the campaign doesn’t work? Neglecting to make positive changes in your life and your practice is not going to make things better in the coming year.

This year should be the year you finally go after what you want in your life and in your practice. Listen to that inner voice and act upon what it is telling you to accomplish your goals. Go forward bravely and don’t worry about going against the crowd. Don’t focus on the pretend resolutions, but actively pursue your goals. Make a point to be bolder, less fearful, and mentally and emotionally stronger.

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