Team Building for Charity


With the start of the New Year comes feelings of excitement, rejuvenation, and plans to build a better chiropractic practice. One way to improve your practice in 2019 is by strengthening your team. Team offsites are a great way to do this, and why not make them even better by doing one for charity?

What is A Charity Day?

Employee recognition is important. Showing your team you care about them and appreciate them is important. Building strong ties within your workplace is important. Supporting the community in which you operate is important. So how do you combine all of these factors into one? With a Charity Day, or course!

A Charity Day is when a company closes the its operations and sends its team out to volunteer with a local non-profit. The types of charity organizations differ drastically and can include everything from soup kitchens to shelters to underprivileged schools. Not only will your team appreciate the day off, they will value your practice’s belief in bettering the community.


First things first: you’ve got to choose the non-profit. Perhaps there is an organization that is based on healthcare that you may be able to assist, or one that your practice has worked with the past. If your practice is smaller, a vote might be appropriate, but for larger ones, it’s likely an executive decision to make.

Once the charity has been selected, it’s time to get your team pumped up. Most employees are more excited to spend a day volunteering than they would be to spend it in the office! Be sure to post about the Charity Day in the office, share it over email, and personally let each team member know. You can even add it to your practice’s blog and social media platforms to spread the word.

Creating Community Ties

Charity days offer more than a traditional team offsite. They create cohesion between your employees not only within the company, but between the neighborhoods your practice serves. When companies step up and get involved in the community, they build bridges that help us better understand how to help each other.

In the changing climate of today’s business world, it works to everyone’s advantage to set your sights on giving back. Not only will you strengthen the relationships between the employees in your practice, but also between the people in the community that you serve.