Can Your Practice Benefit from...Coffee?!

It’s not uncommon for employees and employers alike to reach for a hot cup of coffee for an energy boost. Coffee is so well-loved that it has its own international holiday (September 29th). In light of this upcoming day celebrating a drink so many of us love, we’d like to explore how a cup of coffee can help your chiropractic practice.

Coffee can improve how you perceive things.

Have you ever wondered if feeling more alert after a cup of coffee is science or perception? Research says caffeine “improved concept formation and reasoning” as well as “orientation and attention … and perception”. Being alert and perceptive is an important part of leading your chiropractic practice!

Coffee can give your brain a boost.

Research conducted by Johns Hopkins University found that the amount of caffeine from two cups of coffee can boost memory by up to 10%. Caffeine is also thought to boost the brain’s production of chemicals that are used to store memories.

As you have probably experienced, coffee also makes the brain more alert. This means focus and decision making are improved and the attention span is also sharpened. These factors are important for those operating their own chiropractic practice!

Coffee reminds you to take a break with your team.

Can coffee breaks increase productivity? Massachusetts Institute of Technology found that communal coffee breaks can do just that! According to the study, giving breaks to employees at the same time increased the strength of the social group, which was positively related to productivity. Plus, you can take this time to connect with your team and bounce new ideas off each other. So show your chiropractic staff some appreciation and brew up a fresh pot.

Keep in mind…

As much as we love a good cup of coffee, keep in mind that coffee (like most things) should be enjoyed in moderation. And as much as it seems like it will keep you going, you won’t be able to run your practice without the right tools. To learn more about what it takes to run a successful chiropractic practice, click here for a free coaching call!