Fill Your Team with MVPs!

Football season may have just begun, but you can be sure star players are already standing out. When it comes to building a successful chiropractic practice, you want to fill your team with “A” players. Sure, everyone wants to hire the best and brightest, but can you recognize a top performer when you meet one? Avoid overlooking your practice’s next MVP by understanding these qualities.

An MVP’s Mindset

A top performer will believe in the principles of your practice and its ability to achieve. A champion believes that winning isn’t just possible, it’s inevitable. This points to a level of passion and drive to be successful. When your staff members have an MVP’s mindset, they can internalize your practice’s mission and goal and make valuable contributions toward success.


Any successful athlete must have self-discipline. The same goes for “A” staff members! Constant changes in any business require flexibility, self-discipline, and confidence in the ability to grow and develop. Those champion staff members are able to multi-task, know how to focus and prioritize, and know their strengths so they can thrive in their position.


Those that earn the title of MVP don’t want to win, no matter the cost. They have the key quality of integrity, which you want your hires to have as well. How your team treats your patients, how they collaborate with others, and how they follow through on commitments can greatly impact your chiropractic practice. When your team values integrity, they will help your practice find true success.

Anticipate and Act

True MVPs know what to expect in each situation and how to react. A great addition to your team will know how to make the best of each situation and turn challenges into opportunities. They also understand the urgency of moving quickly when needed, and not procrastinate important tasks.

No matter what position you are looking to fill, start with these characteristics. Look for people who can juggle multiple tasks (or patients!) while providing great care, who have the capacity to take on the necessary workload, and who have the natural ability to be warm and welcoming. For more tips on finding great hires and bettering your practice, join us at our next seminar! Click here to learn more.