10 Local Marketing Tips


It might seem daunting to think about, but there are many opportunities for small practices to market themselves, even in big cities. Tapping into the local market can make your practice a household name and create a faithful group of brand ambassadors who not only give your practice their business, but also help bring in new clients.

One way to start is by integrating your marketing initiatives with local events, other small businesses, and community organizations. This can mean revenue dollars for your practice, and create relationships in your community. The locals will come to the practice they know about, so do everything possible to make sure its yours! There are several ways to get involved. Here are our tips. 

1. Partner With Other Local Startups

Your chiropractic practice treats more than one kind of patient, so your marketing initiatives need to focus on multiple groups with different needs and interests. Make a point to network with other local startups, either those that operate in the same space or have a similar target customer base. Think local gyms or yoga studios whose clients would likely show an interest in what your practice has to offer.

2. Try Transit Advertising

Print ads might be fading away, but the use of good old-fashioned transit advertising might surprise you with its results. If you're living in an area with buses or trains, look into what the advertising team has to offer your practice.

3. Take On the Local Tech Community

This applies more to those living in more metropolitan areas, but tapping into the local tech community will introduce you to new contacts and potential patients. 

4. Tell Unique and Engaging Stories

Standing out in a sea of chiropractors is certainly a challenge, so make a point to share what makes you different from the rest. Whether you come from generations of chiropractors, you focus on your diverse team, or the many success stories you have, it is important to find a unique way to tell your story and stand out.

5. Attend Events And Build Relationships

As a chiropractor, it is important for you to build relationships with your patients. It's also important for you to build relationship with members of your community. Attending events for small business owners will allow you to hear about new partnership opportunities. This is a great way to meet other business owners and gain referrals.

6. Organize Industry Events

Participating in events pertaining to your practice, like a local health fair, are a great way to educate the public on the benefits of chiropractic and share your message. This can lead to new patients and partnerships. If your area doesn't host anything like this, perhaps you would be interested in starting a new community event.

7. Social Responsibility

Many cities are seeing an increase in a community's desire to take part in social responsibility. Create a fundraising campaign, host a beach clean up, or adopt a highway. There are many opportunities to benefit your local community (and your practice)!

8. Encourage Patients To Become Brand Ambassadors

Perhaps you've created a relationship with a local pilates studio. Create a promotion for members of the studio to receive a complimentary service, like one free adjustment or massage. In turn, your patients would have an offer for a free pilates class. This will expose your practice to new potential patients, while your current patients are helping to promote another brand.

9. Collaborate With Local Universities

The local college or university is great way to find new employees or interns. These students are eager for experience, and a partnership with the local schools can help attract not only new staff members, but also new patients. 

10. Send Out Street Teams

If you're looking to build up engagement, street teams are a valuable tool. Perhaps your newest interns from the local college will be your starting point! Have the team wear shirts with your logo, distribute informative materials with an offer, and be sure that your street team is excited and engaging. 

These tips are just the start to geting your local marketing initiatives going. The key point to take away is that as active members in your community, you increase your chances of making new connections and meeting new patients!