Patient Retention and your Front Office Staff

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Think about the first time you walk in for any appointment: medical, haircut, teeth cleaning, and so on. Who is the first person that you see when you step foot in that waiting room? It’s the front office staff, of course! The team members you have working in the front office have a huge impact on the overall experience of your patients. When they are prompt, welcoming, and professional, patients are likely to have a better experience than if they are curt or seem rushed.

So what can you do to ensure your front office staff takes great care of your patients? It goes beyond hiring great candidates, providing thorough training, and outlining behavior expectations. Although you can’t always be sitting up front with them ensuring the best service possible, you can take a few extra steps to encourage and support your staff so they can help in your practice’s goal of attracting and retaining new patients.

Create an Inviting Staff Environment

Most healthcare providers, including chiropractors, are willing to do whatever it takes to create a warm and welcoming waiting room, but many don’t think twice about the space they create for their front office staff. As a result, staff gets stuck with hold-me-down chairs and outdated technological equipment. Take a quick look at the area in the office where your team spend the majority of their day. Does it look like an area where you would like to work? If you answered with a no, it’s to ask your staff what you can do to make some improvements. Even small changes can make a big difference!

Automate Some Front Office Tasks

In many healthcare practices, front office staff spends the majority of the day book and confirming appointments. Not only is this tedious, but it also means your incoming patients have to wait to be greeted and checked in. If your chiropractic practice is juggles seemingly endless phone calls, it may be time to consider practice management software that enables automated booking confirmation and online booking.

Online booking will allow your patients the freedom to book an appointment at their convenience without even picking up the phone. When call volume is reduced, you give your staff the opportunity to focus on other important tasks.

Empower Your Team with Special Projects

Do any of your admin staff members have any surprising skills or talents? Talk to them and learn more about their interests and see if they can be utilized in your practice.

For example, one of your team members might love photography. He or she could take photos to post on social media, update your website, and create marketing tools with. Giving your staff an opportunity to grow empowers them and will ultimately help your practice grow.

For more tips on how to please your staff while retaining your patients, contact us for a complimentary coaching call!