Flexibility - It's About More Than Your Back!


As chiropractors, we know about improving flexibility of the body. But are you also maintaining flexibility when it comes to your practice? One of the key factors of success is knowing when to be flexible. 

You might ask yourself if change is desirable. Though it can be scary, it is most often where people find success. Change isn't always easy, which is probably why we are so hesitant to accept it. When all is going well, we can pay our bills and our staff, our relationships are positive, the practice is succeeding, and our patients are happy, the last thing we want to do is transform something. But, at some point, a wrench will be thrown in the system and you will have to adapt. That is completely unavoidable. How we handle change those challenges is where we experience growth and breakthroughs can happen!

Types of Flexibility

An important type of flexibility for entrepreneurs is cognitive flexibility. This means you have the ability to consider various possibilities and ideas in a curious and open-minded way. The more cognitive flexibility you have, the easier it will be for you to solve problems and find answer to questions that seem to have no solution. If you expose yourself to new hobbies, skills, and ideas, your cognitive flexibility will improve.

Financial Flexibility is another type of flexibility. This means you can manage your expenses and income appropriately, so you have a safety net should you need it. Your financial reserves mean you can take time off when you are sick and need to rest, you can take vacations with your family, and you can turn down projects or clients that aren't a great fit with confidence.

Time flexibility is also important. This means you have some independence and autonomy in the way that you structure your days and schedule. Some days will require more work than others, and a business model with flexibility will make you a happier entrepreneur. 

Perhaps one of the most important types of flexibility is emotional flexibility. This relates to how resilient you are, and how you move through the world as a chiropractic practice owner. You allow yourself to feel a wide range of feelings, and take the necessary steps to keep your emotional health intact. It might mean setting boundaries with needy or entitled patients, making your work-life balance a priority, or knowing your limitations when taking on new responsibilities. 

Developing flexibility is of course important physically, but also mentally. As an entrepreneur, you've got to be flexible enough to roll with the punches, but strong enough to not be swept away!