Can Patients Find Your Practice Online?


In order to obtain new patients, they have to be able to find your practice. And unless they’ve heard of your practice before, they won’t search for it by name. They’ll search for terms related to symptoms or services to find the provider they need. Search engines will then match their queries with an answer - which is ideally your practice. If search engines aren’t finding your practice, you may have neglected some important tasks related to website optimization. Here’s what you can do.

Is your web design helping clients find you?

Your website needs to do more than reflect your mission and the services your chiropractic practice offers. It’s design should be thoughtful, clear, and high quality. The content on your website should be used to best suit search engines, so they can easily plug your information in to those looking for relief.

Here are some updates that might be in order for your website:

  • Is your site optimized? It should include things like unique URLs, title tags, metadata, and alt text for images

  • Mobile optimization should be a top priority. Most people conduct searches from their cell phones, not desktop computers. Make sure your website loads quickly and is mobile friendly, so new patients can find you as they begin their search.

  • Your site map should be clear and intuitive. Search engines prioritize user-friendly sites, so make sure your navigation steers visitors to the information they’re seeking and prompts them to act.

How about that content?

Your website content should share with your potential patients what your practice is all about. It should explain services and answer chiropractic questions to help with your position in search rankings.

Remember to include relevant keywords in your website content and keep it informative and accurate. Here a few tips:

  • You can pull inspiration from other websites, but keep your content original.

  • Include details about your practice and focus on what makes it different from the competition.

  • Be clear and concise and avoid information that doesn’t pertain to your practice.

  • Keep the complex medical jargon out of the equation. No one wants to feel confused before they even step foot into the practice.

  • Regularly update your content with blog posts and articles.

Have you claimed your Google My Business profile?

You want to be sure that your practice has updated information available (hours, location, phone number, etc.) and all of that is found on Google My Business.

Google is the go-to search engine and information is often pulled from Google My Business profiles that are claimed by a business. You want to make sure that your contact information, business hours, and description match the information on your website. You can also respond to reviews, answer questions, and share images to give potential patients a sense of your practice and encourage engagement.

You need those reviews!

We know it’s true, online reviews can be a hassle to keep up with. But they are an important part of your marketing efforts. Here you can establish trust with your patients, as well as quantify the relevance of search results.

Your current patients are your best promoters, so encourage them to leave you a positive review to help your practice thrive.

These tips are just the beginning of ways we can help you improve your chiropractic practice. For more information, schedule a complimentary coaching call!