Create A Balanced Practice


As chiropractors, we want our patients to achieve true health. And health and wellness is all about balance, right? The same concept applies to your chiropractic practice. We spend the majority of our waking hours at work, and many spend more time with their colleagues than they do with their own families. At times, your practice can feel more like a primary residence. So, how can you make this more tolerable?

Start by building a positive and balanced chiropractic practice. In a positive work environment, productivity goes up and stress levels go down. As the leader of a chiropractic practice, that should be the workplace you aim to create. Since you and your team will be spending so much time together during the week, why not make it as enjoyable as possible? Here are our tips.

1. Gratitude Is Great

We are big believers in employee appreciation. When your employees know you care about them and appreciate the hard work they do, they will be more compelled to continue to do a great job. Not sure where to start? Maybe during your weekly meeting, you take a few minute to give praise to the team. This will also give other employees the opportunity to give props to their team mates, which raises morale for the entire staff, establishes a positive tone in the practice, and helps people feel valued and acknowledged.

2. Create A Safe Space.

We have a hard time coming up with something worse for your practice than toxic behavior. It tamps down new ideas and stymies people’s ability to work together. When you create a safe work environment, you eliminate negative personalities and show your team that you respect their ideas. Lead with integrity and honesty to help your team members feel safe and secure.

3. Keep It Clean!

This means don’t leave a mess for someone else to clean up. You’ve probably felt that frustration before - you go to grab a patient file and it is not where it belongs or the workspace is in disarray. When you leave a mess, you show that you don’t respect other people’s time or space. if your team has to take time away from their responsibilities to hunt for a missing document, you are basically saying that their time isn’t valuable to you. When you don’t respect your employee’s time, you foster a negative workplace environment.

4. Opportunities To Reflect

When emotions are running high and stress levels are through the roof, even the smallest issues in your practice can seem like mountains. Guide your team to look at these issues not as problems, but as opportunities to reflect, analyze, and evaluate what can be done to improve the situation. This will prepare your team to handle the situation differently in the future and to be more prepared.

5. Encourage Positivity.

Let’s face it - life is short. Don’t waste your time trying to cater to behaviors that don’t align with your practice. Encourage your team members to think positively. Even when there are a million new patients trying to make appointments or you’re running into issues with insurance - positive thinking will eventually lead to positive outcomes. Setting yearly, monthly, and even weekly goals as a group will help you align your team so everyone is working toward a common goal.

Structure, clarity, positive thinking, and communication are all key ingredients for creating a balanced practice. At ChiroDestiny, we can help your practice accomplish success. To learn more, contact us for a complimentary coaching call.