Boost Job Satisfaction for Your Team


No matter how big or small your chiropractic practice is, you simply can’t do everything by yourself. In order to find success, you need your practice to run like a fine-tuned machine, and that means having a team of professionals at your side. A key element of maintaining high quality employees at your practice is boosting job satisfaction.

To increase team productivity, reduce turnover rates, and boost revenue for your practice, follow our tips to help your employees find satisfaction in their work.

What Is Job Satisfaction?

Simply put, job satisfaction is being happy with one’s job, right? But how do you discern where that satisfaction comes form and how it arises? Is it sense of purpose, paychecks, both?

According to the Cambridge English Dictionary, job satisfaction is “the feeling of pleasure and achievement that you experience in your job when you know that your work is worth doing”.

As healthcare professionals, we know there is great value in the work that we do. It’s essential that every person on your team, no matter their role, knows that they are an important part of providing great healthcare.

How to Boost Job Satisfaction

  • Give praise consistently and focus on impact

    A study by Office Vibe found that nearly 70% of employees feel they don’t get enough praise. When you consistently give praise to your team, you will make them find pride in their work and provide them with the incentive to continue to work hard.

    Additionally, knowing their work matters is key. Rather than just saying, “Good job!”, explain why their effort was a job well done and how it positively impacted the practice. Praise like this demonstrates to your team that their work matters to the practice and its future success. That seemingly small comment could go a long way toward job satisfaction.

  • Show You Care

    Your employees can’t find job satisfaction if they feel as though they are sacrificing their mental or physical well-being. In order to boost job satisfaction, you need to make an effort to show your employees that their health matters (you are in healthcare, after all!). Another plus is that when your team feels good, they perform well and will be more productive throughout the day.

    To show you care, try incorporating some physical activity into the workplace. Perhaps you can work with a local gym to offer discount rates of have a weekly yoga session. Another way to show you care about their health is by creating opportunities to promote mental well-being. You might try lunchtime mindfulness sessions or offering a flex schedule. At the very least, take the time each day to check in with your team and show them that you care. If they seem stressed, offer suggestions to ease the workload to help them get back on track.

  • Create a Warm and Friendly Work Environment

    Most people spend more time at work than they do with the important people in their lives, including their children, spouses, and friends. To further boost job satisfaction, find ways to help your employees connect with each other to form real bonds.

    This could mean hosting regular team outings, weekly “breaks” from work like Friday happy hour or team lunches on Monday. Celebrating major milestones is also important! Not only will your employees feel appreciated, they will be more in tune with each other creating a more successful work environment.

Job satisfaction is important on a personal level, but also for the success of your practice. If you are unsure about the tangible benefits of job satisfaction, keep in mind that happy employees are more productive employees. Your practice is sure to grow faster if you invest in the happiness of your employees. To learn more about boosting job satisfaction for your team and how to find success with your chiropractic practice, contact us for a free coaching call!