Are You Making This Mistake At Your Chiropractic Practice?

One of the most common complaints we hear from chiropractors seeking out the help of ChiroDestiny is that their patients simply don’t stay for care beyond pain relief, and in many cases, they don’t even stay for that.

There a major cultural contributor to this issue, and when it is addressed, there is often a dramatic turnaround in the issue of patient retention. In the frantic rush to keep up with daily life, there is a tendency to handle only the here and now and get on with things. This point of view implies that life itself and what is happening right now are two different entities.

Think about it: when patients come into your practice wanting quick relief, it is often because what happened to them right now only came about a week or two ago, and so it should only take a week or two to resolve…right?

As chiropractors, we don’t just address the symptoms, we find the root of the issue and create custome treatment plans. If the chiropractor only addresses the current complaint, the patient will not understand that their issues have taken time to develop. They will not understand the history of their ailments, and so they will only think of chiropractic care as a quick fix for aches and pains, and not as an element in their regular health and wellness plan.

When people understand that issues take time to reach the level they are at, they will understand the logic of taking time to truly solve the problems they are experiencing.

You can avoid this first big mistake that so many chiropractors make. Treat the issue that the patient is seeing you for, but also share with them how their past got them to this point. This will help them understand how important chiropractic is to health and wellness and why you are the chiropractor they should see. For more tips on how ChiroDestiny can help your practice succeed, click here to schedule a free coaching call!