A Healthy Chiropractic Practice

If you asked me to define a Healthy Chiropractic Practice for you, I would start off by saying that it would be one that is lead by a service oriented Chiropractor doctor who has hired and thoroughly trained an incredible support staff, who work in a magnificently beautiful high tech facility.

A Healthy Chiropractic Practice would have to have a higher purpose, meaning that mere survival is clearly NOT the goal. I’m talking about something like, “Enter – Inside Resides a World of Wellness and Natural Health.”

A Healthy Chiropractic Practice enjoys a steady stream of new patients who are attracted to the model of chiropractic you have created, but more importantly are somehow linked to the vibrations and feelings that emanate out from your office. I am speaking about that beam, that invisible force field that captures those who are synergistically attuned to who you are and what you are attempting to create – the invisible power within.

A Healthy Chiropractic Practice has patients who follow instructions, stay longer, are willing to pay cash, refer more often and get totally involved in the chiropractic lifestyle. The result of that, as you can well imagine, is less stress and burnout, increased practice volume and profitability.

The major blockage to building a Healthy Chiropractic Practice seems to be the doctor(s) or the leader(s) of the chiropractic practice. You see the practice and the results you get are always based upon the visions and consciousness of the practitioners who set the standards, write the policies, and enforce the procedures.

A Healthy Chiropractic Practice has at its helm a leader who is confident and certain, and is more magnetically hypnotized to health and wellness than prospective patients are hypnotized to problems, negativity, fear, and the old fashioned, now out of date, current medical model of symptomatic relief.

You see, the number one issue facing all practicing Chiropractors is patient compliance, meaning the ability to motivate and educate patients to the degree that they remain under care long enough to allow the body to heal itself from within.

Sadly, the reason is that to this day the majority of patients still come in for pain relief – and therefore when the pain goes away, they tend to go away. Additionally, when the patient is not properly educated as to the long term results and benefits of Chiropractic care, they tend to go away when their insurance benefits go away.

Lack of compliance causes reduced results because a less informed or motivated patient misses more appointments which results in your health instructions not being followed – and down the rabbit trail you go.

A Healthy Chiropractic Practice requires focus, intensity and a devotion to a principle and a level of service that is only spoken about at seminars and in books, but rarely translates into the world of actual practice.

Finally, Healthy Chiropractic Practices come from healthy, loving, service oriented, clinically competent, outstanding individuals, who are dedicated to rendering a new and better model of health care to humanity.