Power Tips and Tactics for Chiropractors

I want talk to you about Power Tips and Tactics that you can use to turn things in your life and chiropractic practice around – for the better. To do this, you must discover the gateways to personal growth, the most important of which is to cultivate self-worth.

There are so many people—chiropractors included—who do not feel that they deserve to attain success.  Lack of self‑worth is the single ingredient that detracts from all the abilities you have to succeed, gain happiness, grow and expand. Instead, the lack of self-worth causes you to attract all kinds of limitations into your life. 

I’ve often said that success does not flow into clutter. So, first you need to purge your mind from the unnecessary garbage from the past - the stuff that happened, whatever it is, that still controls you even now.

Listen to your subconscious mind and develop some self-discipline. Discipline is an incredible ingredient. Discipline does not mean being rigid. It means discipline yourself to take the action steps that you say you are going to take. In other words, walk your talk. If you say you are going grow your chiropractic practice, you actually take the steps to grow it.

List your strengths and your weaknesses on each side of a steno chart. For instance, in column one on the left write all your strengths and then put all your weakness in the right hand column.  Be honest – truly honest! No one is going to see your list. Work on your weaker areas. Work on the top three of your weaknesses first and as they come off your list, go to the next three.

Use quick start deadlines. Set a goal for a week or three days. Why should $300-an-hour (and I use that metaphorically speaking) chiropractors do $10-an- hour jobs? We have chiropractors developing x-rays or taking home SOAP notes and doing patient charts. Hire and train support staff so you can get about the business of healing people.

And finally, I want you to overcome inner hurdles. You say things like I know that already. You say you went to a chiropractic seminar and heard it once and you have got it now. You have to repeat and review with regularity, RRR. Stop being resistant to change. I cannot believe that chiropractors still practice as if they are in the 80s. They have not modernized the way their offices look. They have not changed their staff. They have not changed their forms. You have got to upgrade. We have subluxation stations and we have mechanical adjusting machines, pro solution, pro adjusters, and we have SOAP note things like ProSoft. You have to give service, give love, give feeling good to people, give of yourself, stretch yourself, be altruistic, be abundant, be in the flow of life, and then success will come from you and the result come to you.