The Pillar of Strength

There are four main areas in your office that must be mastered to achieve your dream practice. At The Markson Connection we call these The Four Pillars of Practice Success. They are: Headspace, Philosophy, Systems and Marketing.

The most important pillar is Headspace. Your practice is a mirror image of thoughts, feelings and beliefs. I recommend a daily morning routine to start off everyday feeling good. This includes affirmations, reviewing your written goals, reading time, meditation and visualization. The visualization process should include seeing in your mind’s eye exactly what you want your practice and life to be. You should include the feelings you would have if you had what you say you wanted.

In my coaching, I see doctors grow their practices to the next level when they get excited about Chiropractic again. This includes a more in depth comprehension of our beloved philosophy. Read a Green book; spend time with a more philosophical doctor. Go to seminars. Get dipped and bathed again in Chiropractic Philosophy and you will feel fantastic again about being a chiropractor.

Re-visit all the systems in your practice. Your systems run your practice and your people run your systems. Do you have systems in place to see the volume that you want, especially your 1st and 2nd day systems and procedures? Do you have the right staff to run your systems? Do a comprehensive analysis of your office and be brutally honest with yourself. Be willing to make the changes necessary to develop comprehensive systems including having an office manual for all your procedures.

The last Pillar is marketing. I recommend a twelve-month marketing calendar and a marketing plan in place to avoid the yo-yo syndrome of New Patients. You should always have several internal and external events planned each month to ensure a continuous flow of new patients. Having a plan in place will allow you to plan better and guarantee your results.

If you master all four areas in your practice and are willing to work on your weaker areas, you can become a Pillar of Strength.