Making the Tough Decisions

Last night, I was out to dinner with one of my closest friends, David.  He owns a very successful web design company and receives a tremendous amount of accolades in the South Florida Business Journal in reference to how he runs his company.  He was recounting for me a talk that he gave last week to a room full of CEOs from many of the huge companies in the area.

He talked about creating a workplace culture that doesn’t tolerate disengaged employees who are non-productive, negative, lazy and even toxic.  “They don’t believe in your business, they are just there for the paycheck,” David said. “Do you literally work with someone who is sh**ing on your dream? … Why don’t you set them free?”  What sets David apart from his competition and what sets the most successful people in any walk of life is the ability to make the tough decisions look easy.  No pontification, rationalization, or contemplation…it is the, “If you are not with me 100%, you’ve gotta go,” attitude!

Chiropractors come out of school with a dream, and then over the years, we let insurance companies, the media, the existing medical paradigm, and worst of all, fear, take us further away from that dream.  Can you see clear to start making the decisions necessary to make your dream come true?  Just like David said, you can’t tolerate anyone or anything that is going to sh** on your dream.

I was inspired…I also had an amazing meal.