It’s not the “what”…it’s the “who”…

Have you ever found yourself comparing what you have to what your friends have?  “He has a bigger practice.  She has more jewelry.”

Let me tell you something.  The theme of the 1980′s was, “Whomever has the most toys wins.”

I’ll give you the theme of the 2012′s. “Whomever has the most loved-ones wins!”

Forget the stuff.  No one will remember you for your car or your real estate or your new patient statistics. They will remember you for your contribution, your sincerity, your authenticity and your love.

Let today serve as a reminder that it is our CONNECTION that makes us great.

Care about people more than stuff.  You’ll thank me a few years from now for the great advice, I promise.

Don’t forget our next seminar is just around the corner:
The Markson Connection’s Expression Gathering
7-9 June 2012
Grand Hyatt, Washington DC