“I’m flat!” (At least I was, until yesterday)

I was on the plane coming back from the Iowa Chiropractic Society and reflecting on the transformation that we witnessed over those two days.

While conversing with chiropractors on Friday, before Larry and I spoke, the predominating theme was fear.  Fear of survival,  fear of the economy, and fear of the future.  There is nothing worse than looking into the sad eyes of a chiropractor and seeing the, “This isn’t how I thought it would be,” look.  “I’m flat,” they would say…and their facial expressions proved them right!

But, after being bathed in the energy field of “Build an Amazing You – Create a Wow Practice” and “The Path to Prosperity Consciousness,” those same soiled souls came out clean on the other side.  They were given a vision of hope for a prosperous future, if and only if, they DECIDE to change their minds, create empowering beliefs, and take the appropriate action steps.

The shocking part to me, was the fact that this information was new to so many.  Success philosophy is something that I take for granted – it has always been instilled in me.  For these wonderful people, it seemed foreign.

“You mean to say that I can grow my practice by thinking about it?”  “YES.”

“You mean I can fix my relationships just by making a decision?” “YES.”

“ You mean I can create wealth by releasing my fears about money?” “YES, YES, and YES!”

The human mind is an amazing instrument – capable of making your dreams come true.  However, allowing negative thoughts, procrastinating, lacking certainty, or giving in to fear will halt your forward progress.  Get clear on what you want.  Feed your mind with positive affirmations.  Visualize your dreams coming true in all aspects of your life.  Most importantly, keep your faith.  Remember, true faith never waivers.  It will serve as a lighthouse, constantly redirecting you toward the light.