From Problem Solving to Vision-Creating

Chiropractors, bless you all, seem to be engaged in the perpetual task of making your practices better, with better being defined as more new patients, larger monthly patient volume and, of course, increased income.Unfortunately, the entire culture of our profession appears to be focused on what is wrong with the practice, why it is not better.  Rarely is there a direct focus on it’s optimal well-being…on reaching its full potential.So, after all these years, the questions become, “Why are so few chiropractors willing to dream boldly…to reach for their highest visions…to know that there has never been a better time in the history of this profession to be a Doctor of Chiropractic?”   And why, after 113 years of remarkable progress, where no one goes to jail just for practicing chiropractic, where none of us is called quack anymore, where we are superbly trained, clinically competent and philosophically sound, where we have post-graduate degrees, insurance equality and even hospital privileges, do a majority of our practitioners struggle to survive, not to mention build the practice and lifestyle of their dreams?Why?  Because, in my opinion at least, the current cultural belief of our profession assumes a viewpoint in which each D.C. has learned to cope with, and fit in with a modified, watered-down version of what politics, inferiority and the need for social acceptance has caused us to become.  For the vast majority in our profession, the Chiropractic health care delivery system now existing in America is challenging and oppressively restrictive…and we let it happen.

Rather than to create a thriving and successful practice that caters to anyone who has a vertebral subluxation and is serious about attaining and maintaining natural health as a way of life, we have become the shills of attorneys, the lackeys of insurance companies and the slave to any CPT code that could generate additional revenue. It seems we’ve lost our VISION and our PURPOSE…or have we?

The Ponderous Beast Is Turning

Ah, but take heart ye of little faith, the ponderous beast of Chiropractic is turning toward the light, albeit very slowly.  I am pleased to report that more and more chiropractors are coming back in from the cold.  They are being warmed by feelings of happiness that only comes from service and the resultant accomplishment.

They are once again being nourished and nurtured by growing practices composed of patients who are responding to chiropractic care, and more importantly, who are willing to come, stay and pay, even after their limited insurance benefits run out.

Let’s Go Back In Time

Almost thirty years ago we came to the marketplace as a traditional chiropractic management consultant, whose purpose was to teach chiropractors how to build bigger, better and more successful chiropractic practices.  We did so by using what we will called “Strategy-Based Technology” in seminars and during our consultation time with members.

We taught doctors the strategies and actions of where to practice, how to design the office, what office hours are best, the fees to charge, the forms and procedures to use, how to train staff and conduct proper consultation, examinations, x-ray studies and reports of findings.  We even scripted them and taught them what to say for every standard procedure or contingency that might arise.  Yes, Strategy-Based management worked through the eighties and into the nineties, and we were extraordinarily successful.

And Then What Happened?

Well, then we began to notice that our lead-the-field results began to diminish somewhat. Practices still grew as doctors learned “what to do strategies,” but the percentage wasn’t as high.   After careful analysis we came to an incredibly important distinction.   Doctors knew what to do, but they were unable to do it.

For whatever reason, they lost some of their personal power and tenacity, and were reluctant or personally unable to give a truthful recommendation or charge a fair fee.

We watched a large part of this wonderful profession go into fear and be happy just to maintain their practices at former levels.  Hope for growth was diminishing rapidly and doctors busied themselves on solving problems myriad of practice They lost their vision and got stuck in their limitations!

Capacity Limitations

We quickly learned that the CAUSE of practices that were on a plateau or in retraction of some kind was due to either a Capacity Limitation by Procedure or a Capacity Limitation by Concept and Vision.  A procedural capacity limitation is the easier of the two to cure.  It means a block by wrong hours, poor staff training, taking too much time with a patient, not enough space, inferior equipment, inadequate practice policies, etc., etc., etc.

As a side note there are only six (6) cures to a Capacity Limitation by Procedure.  They are to: Add speed to what you do, add hours, add days, add hands (more help), add technology or add A & E (attitude and energy).

The other and far more complex is a doctor’s Capacity Limitation by Concept and Vision.  This means how they see themselves, what they envision the future to be, the overall purpose upon which they base their actions, who they are inside-the-skin and what fears, doubts and insecurities dominate their thoughts and actions.

The Breakthrough

The breakthrough occurred when we learned that teaching doctors how to identify their practice weaknesses and develop strategies to overcome them was just the first step in making practices better. The key was that practice growth was indelibly linked to personal growth and that the practice followed the practitioner.

When the doctor showed up as the best person possible…when they were up, meaning focused, on purpose, energetic and willing to tell the truth to patients…then, the practice grew.  When the doctor was not the best that they could be, meaning in fear, in doubt, scared, on survival, thinking what was wrong, blaming others, angry at their lot in life, etc.,… then, the practice began to retract.

A New Beginning

The light went on when years ago, I started a brand new company, whose purpose was to guide and help D.C’s build an Empowered Chiropractic Practice.

Along with some strategy-based teaching, which is still important to the practical foundation of a practice, we began to use our now trademarked and rapidly recognized unique selling proposition which we’ve entitled, Identity-Based Technology.  Identity-Based Technology means that who you are inside-the-skin determines what you are able to say and the actions you are willing to take in your practice and in your life, as well.

Identity-Based management is about helping chiropractors develop the inner resources and confidence to put the strategies into action.  It is no longer about Problem-Solving, rather it is clearly about Vision-Creating!

The New Chiropractic World

The New Chiropractic World is Creating a Vision for Your Practice; a vision that directs your gaze away from your problems and inabilities.  To create an inspired practice you must develop an acute awareness of the possibilities and unlimited potential that lies within you.  Until you do that, your potential remains dormant, try as you will.

Developing a VISION for your practice helps you overcome the places in your practice where you are having problems, while helping you discover and manifest your fullest possible potential.

Having a VISION helps you transform the capacity limitations, beliefs and behavior patterns that have been shackling you to anything less than you desire, and in fact, is your inalienable right.

It is a shifting in your basic attitude in practice from Problem-Solving to Vision-Creating.

Easier said than done we know, because it requires that you let go of the problem-oriented past programming from your Mothers, Fathers, Teachers and Preachers (MFTP’s)…and accept that you can and will create the practice, and indeed, the life you want.

Your Identity Determines Your Capacity

Attaining this powerful change in perspective takes more that a simple pep talk…an overnight cure.  It takes time and requires you to learn to think and act in a compelling and dynamic new way.  After all, Your Identity Determines Your Capacity… meaning who you BE inside determines what you create for yourself.

Miracles DO happen and they are available to any of you who are willing to create a bold vision, look honestly at yourself and commit to a process of self-discovery.  Then and only then will you HAVE whatever it is you want.