It’s Time For 2012 Goals!

Yes, you read it right! Your 2012 goals must be written by October 1st.  Why, you ask?
Because, while it only takes a few minutes to read your goals every day, once written, it takes over 90 days of repeating them over and over again for your mind to become absolutely clear on what you want!

First, I want to remind you that if goals are not written down and not written correctly I might add, they are NOT goals – they are merely weak dreams and vague hopes.  The importance of writing goals and memorializing them cannot be over-emphasized.  The human mind is target oriented and like a missile it requires
instructions as to where you want it to go.

Goals must be specific, down to the smallest detail and each one must be comprised of four separate parts.  Just listing what you want is much like a child who makes a list of all the holiday toys he or she wants.  There is no chance that their dreams will
come true.

The four component parts are:

Write down exactly what it is that you want.  e.g. -  a 2011 500SL Mercedes Benz convertible,  white, with camel upholstery,  chrome spoke wheels, navigation system,  Blue-tooth, Sirius/XM radio, CD changer, rearview video and complete sports package, etc., etc, etc.  The price for this car will be $ 85,632.69.

Write down when you want it by – a date certain – the exact time it is to be received by you.  e.g. – October 2, 2010 at 10:30 AM

Write down what you are going to do to get it – the action steps.  e.g. - Use my current 2006 BMW as a down payment, add $10,000 cash as a deposit,  save $500 per month until delivery date and finance (not lease) the balance for 36 months at 5.62%.  Additionally, I will increase my income by 18% and control my expenditures.

Write down how it will benefit you or make you feel.  e.g. - As a result of this acquisition I will feel great because I set a goal and accomplished it.  I will feel successful and I will just love tooling around with the top down and the wind in my face!!

Another format that goals can be written follows the “6 P’s” – the first P is to write a Purpose Statement, then comes the P’s of Personal, Professional, Prosperity, People and Play Goals.

This is a big job, which I am sure has already scared some of you, probably the ones who are not focused, nor committed to getting what it is they want.  The top 20 percent of the shakers and bakers, the true winners and achievers in life ALWAYS write their goals.

The rest have alibis, excuses, rationalizations and defense mechanisms that are used to diminish the importance of goal setting.  I encourage you to be brave and take the time to become expert in this vital action step to success.

Now is the time to write your 2012 Goals!