Time to Make the Donuts!

It has become increasingly obvious to me that most doctors believe that running a chiropractic practice is somehow different than other types of businesses.  I’m here to tell you that our understanding of business principles has been clouded.

If you break it down to its core elements, there is no difference between owning a chiropractic practice and owning a donut shop.  There are four elements that must be followed, no matter which business you are running.

  1. Get people to know where your donut shop is – When you are communicating with the people in your community, whether through print or in person, make sure they know where your donut shop is located.  They may not be hungry for your donuts right now, but when they are, they need to know where to find you.
  2. Get people to come in and try your donuts – Now that you are branding your location, people need to come in and make a purchase.  Just knowing that you exist doesn’t pay the bills.  The people in your community may not realize that their life is not complete without some level of “donut eating” in their routine.
  3. Get people to tell others about your donuts – If your donuts are good enough, people can’t wait to tell their friends.  Your donuts will be the talk of the town and you’ll have a line out the door.  Ceate a consistent experience each and every time your customers walk in.  The reason why franchises exist is because people crave consistency.  Give them what they want – EVERY TIME!
  4. Get people to keep coming back for more donuts – Your donuts are not a luxury item to be enjoyed only on special occasions.  Get your customers to understand that the key to a better life is consistent “donut eating.”  Haphazard visits to your shop is okay, but it doesn’t even come close to regularly scheduled donut enjoyment.

Ok, so I think I carried my analogy long enough.  So, you know what time it is, right?

Time to make the donuts!