The Power of Observation

In my opinion, one of the essential ingredients and keys to success is one that is rarely spoken about at seminars and even in the myriad of self-help books that flood the market on a daily basis.

The ingredient that I am speaking about was, while I was in practice, and still is today one that I credit for allowing me to succeed in business and life, for all of these years – and it is NOT to be underestimated.

So what is this characteristic?  It is OBSERVATION! Better said, it is the “Power of Observation” which I look at as a skill that can be practiced, learned and put to work on a regular basis.

You have probably noticed that some people are more observant than others – they just seem to have a keener eye and are more aware of what it going on around them.

Some can walk into an overly cluttered room and not seem to notice, while others see it immediately.  Some are aware of the visual landscape, and the sounds and aromas around them – others seem oblivious.  Some notice clothing, body language and posture, facial expressions, tones of voice, the ambiance of the moment, and even, when expert, pick up how people language their sentences, their congruency and intent.

Wow –what a powerful tool. Can you just imagine your increased power if you became a truly observant person and used that skill (natural or acquired) to help you make important distinctions.  The distinctions made from your observationscan be used to help you mirror and model, or as I like to say, “mimic, copy, plagiarize and steal, the attitudes, actions and procedures used by those more successful than you – or help you avoid the landmines that you have observed so you don’t figuratively blow yourself up.

While contemplating what I wanted to say, I went to a thesaurus only to discover some fabulous synonyms for the word observation.  It said: surveillance, scrutiny, watching, inspection, examination and study – all great words in and of themselves – and all characteristics of success.

By the way, I think you will find it interesting to know that the antonym for observation is NEGLECT, which means to abandon, avoid, disregard and overlook.

I am asking you to be aware, to notice things, to see what works and what doesn’t, to have “non-experience experiences” that guide you on a surer pathway to your goals.  Let me explain.  You can put your hand in a fire and have a first hand experience of being burned – or you can witness another person put their hand in a fire, hear them scream with pain and smell the flesh burning, etc.

That is a non-experience experience because you learned not to put your hand in the fire without having to hurt yourself.  Likewise, you can do that on the positive side. Observe successful people – watch the way they walk, the speed and certainty of the way they talk, the manner in which they dress for all occasions.

Watch their body language, their facial expressions and how they use their hands to communicate.  Look closely at their offices, notice the organization and neatness, their team, their confidence, the way they handle adversity and the policies and procedures that seem to work successfully.

Then, all you have to do is add your unique and special personality and sit back and watch the Law of Attraction do its magic.  You will be impressed with the Power of Observation.