The Tribe

Most of you do not know that, along with Dr. Brett Axelrod and Dr. Rick Markson – and in collaboration with chiropractic icon, Dr. Guy Riekeman, a new business – The Markson Connection has been formed.

But, quite unlike the average opening of a new venture, our vision is built around the premise that we can attract an exclusive group of like-minded chiropractors who are already successful, and who desire to become creative leaders and agents of change within our profession – those who want to build practices and lives of significance – and then help others do the same.

The “tribal concept” in this context is a rejection of the standard practice where the leader or facilitator stands in front of the group in a business suit using a lecture format and PowerPoint presentation to promote his or her thoughts and ideas.  Instead, the tribal format is a group of like-minded people who share an idea and enter into interactive dialogs and discussions because they are “connected” to each other and already connected to the idea.

And, although tribes must have a leader or leaders, they must also find ways to communicate with each other on a regular basis.  The Markson Connection has been doing that with weekly individual consultations, what we call “Pow-Wows” (6 people at a time live webcam interactions) and regular in-person meetings that we call Expressions Gatherings – plus, of course, using Social Network technology. By the way, the word expressions means a communications of thoughts and feelings – which to us is what it is all about.

Nevertheless, with this understanding, I want to describe what happened last year, when 52 individuals gathered together for two days in Orlando, Florida.  Everyone present was a willing participant, with no binding contract or method of seduction forcing their attendance or buying their loyalty.

Each person arrived with the knowing that a tribe is just a movement waiting to happen and that they must contribute as well as receive from the tribe.  They must be on time, fully focused, totally involved – ready to be energized and transformed (melded if you want), into something far more powerful than the single unit individuals that walked in.

As the hours raced by, I was astounded by the massive shift in consciousness that I was witnessing – one that included faith in the vision on the Connection, faith in one another, faith in the tribal leaders and in their new community.

It always turns out that those who love what they do, do better work and get better results – and while I was amazed at the rapid nature of the bonding and camaraderie that took place, I was emotionally elated when the tribe took on the total responsibility of building the tribe into whatever they wanted it to become.

Importantly, that means that they get to select who is invited into the tribe and who does not yet fit the parameters of the vision statement.  This was a powerful, moving and pivotal moment – because it meant that all tribe members actually accepted responsibility for making a worthwhile contribution, both to following the vision statement and to the growth and expansion of the tribe itself.

For me, a veteran performer in this personal improvement and development movement, it was one of those special moments – one that allowed me to know with great certainty that some of my thoughts and concepts would move to the future when I am not longer active.  The talent in front of me would absolutely create a newer, bigger, better, more passionate and powerful concept and vision that would change the course of our profession and help humanity at the same time.  A new beginning….

Note: I highly recommend Seth Godin’s refreshing and great book entitled, “Tribes” published by the Penguin Group.