Do You Know Yourself?

We just came off of our latest Expressions Gathering in Hiawassee, Georgia.  The theme of the weekend was, “Discovering Your Authentic Self.”  As I look at those words, my first reaction is…How are people going to understand Authentic Self, and how are they going to link it to success in Chiropractic.

As the weekend concluded, all was made crystal clear.  I watched dozens of chiropractors transform in front of my eyes.  As they shed some of the limitations they have subconsciously placed on themselves, new excitement emerged.  They were lighter…unencumbered by their past.  The participants were coming up to me and saying, “I don’t know what I was thinking.  I am so much clearer now on what has been holding me back.”

Our original theory was correct – your personal experiences and personality are what shape your level of success in Chiropractic practice and in life.  We are not just talking about practice volume. Relationships, finances, spiritual connection – all facets of your life can be drastically improved when you are able to look in a mirror, forgive yourself for your greatest emotional hurts in life, and move forward to a brand new tomorrow.  It really can be as simple as that.

Ask yourself this, “Do I really know myself?”  This is the key question toward greatness.  We discovered that most people do not.  Are you willing to go deep and be honest with yourself?  Only you know when you are working your hardest vs. cutting corners.  Only you know who you’ve cheated, wronged or hurt.  Only you know when you are truly coming from a place of integrity.  You think these concepts are too wishy-washy?  You wouldn’t think so if you were around the Chiropractors that I was with this weekend.  They have huge practices, they have wonderful marriages, they have happy kids, and they have money in the bank.  They know EXACTLY who they are and what makes them make the decisions that they make.  Most importantly, they are willing to face the past and no longer let it define who they are. 

Be aware of you – the good and the bad.  Remember that the past is an illusion.  It should be there as a resource, but should not impede your growth in any aspect of your life.  The only thing that is real is the present.  You want a bigger practice, more money, or a better relationship with your spouse?  Decide to step over the line and start anew.  You will feel refreshed and eager to see what is possible.