Inspirational Mornings

Dr. Robert Frieman reminded me about something he does for his practice that will have tremendous value for all of us.  He calls it “The Inspirational Minute.”

Each morning in your practice, you should be holding some sort of pre-shift huddle.  This is a time to get your team on the same page, leaving your personal lives outside, and preparing for the task at hand…changing your patients’ lives, one adjustment at a time.

For your morning staff meeting, assign one team member each day with the responsibility of preparing an inspirational quote and presenting it at the meeting.  Briefly discuss how the quote refers to your practice. 

Use the daily moment to start your day off on the right foot.  Sometimes we take chiropractic for granted.  Sharing a motivational quote should remind of your purpose, passion, and mission.  We have the opportunity to make a huge difference.