Where's the Positive in a Negative Review?

So you’ve been encouraging your patients to leave reviews and carefully monitoring how your practice holds up on review sites. Most people have nothing but nice things to say, making it even more alarming when you read about a less-than-stellar experience a patient had at your practice. You know that reviews are a great way to bring in new patients, so a negative one will surely hurt you, won’t it? Before you go into a panic, learn about the benefits of a negative review.

You’ll rank higher in search results.

It might seem strange, but a few negative reviews may actually boost your search ranking. Search engines are looking for a variety of opinions to determine whether or not your practice is legitimate. When you look at it this way, you realize you can use those negative reviews to you advantage.

In the grand scheme of thing, if the majority of your reviews are positive, a few negative ones won’t hurt your online reputation.

Gain a better understanding of your patient base.

As a chiropractor, your specialty might not be reputation management. Getting a full picture of how patients feel about your practice can help you better understand their likes and dislikes, allowing you to make improvements when necessary.

These reviews can also help you to narrow down your target patient base. If most of your unflattering reviews come from the same demographic, use this information to hone in on the target audience that best suits your practice.

Improve your relationship with dissatisfied patients

According to a 2017 study published in the Journal of General Internal Medicine, 46 percent of doctors believe patient reviews could have a negative impact on the physician-patient relationship. However, that really shouldn’t be the case. Instead of fearing negative reviews, consider them to be an opportunity to learn, grow, and better connect with your patients.

Any reasonable people will understand that you are human and perhaps made a mistake. If you are willing to put in the effort to make things right, you can turn a negative review into a positive experience.

Boost your credibility

Think about when you are looking up a new restaurant to check out. When the business has only 5-star reviews without a single negative thing to say, you probably become distrustful. When a business (or chiropractic practice) has only stellar reviews, some may perceive them as fake, and that’s because most businesses don’t please everyone at all times.

Negative reviews are never an easy thing to see, but the valuable feedback you and your team take from it can be used to learn and grow. If you are worried about potential patients reading unflattering comments, relax and know it’s probably not the deal-breaker you might think it is. Building positive reviews and responding to the negative ones in a professional and courteous way is a great way to start winning over move clients. When you see the positive in those negative reviews, your practice will be better for it. For more tips on how to best manage your chiropractic practice, contact us for a free coaching call!