Tips To Be More Mindful

If you’ve been following our blogs, you know we are big believers in being self-aware. What you contribute to a situation will directly affect its outcome. Your contributions can come in the form of the perspective you bring, the inner dialogue you have with yourself, and the actions you take.

If you want to create a more mindful professional experience in your chiropractic practice, you have to change your contributions to the situation and focus on what you can control rather than expend energy on the things you can’t. Here are our tips for what you can do to bring more mindfulness to your workday.

Don’t be reactive to what is happening around you.

When you have too much on your plate or your co-workers all seem to need something from you, your practice can start to feel like a very stressful place. The key to managing your stress isn’t about ending the chaos around you, it is about how you manage your response to it. Focus on putting your energy in the right place. If you focus on what people are doing to you, you put yourself in a victim mentality. When you focus on what you can do to achieve the best results possible regardless of what others are doing, you are in a much more empowering position.

Next time you feel stressed to the max, stop and take a breath. Ask yourself how you can look at this situation differently for a more positive outcome. Then you can act as though that positive outcome is the most logical solution, giving yourself a better chance of making it happen in the process.

Push away the negative and focus on the positive.

The fact of the matter is that things aren't always going to go as planned—it's unavoidable. However, you have a choice when the course changes: you can either focus on fighting the things you don't like to try to change them, or you can be flexible and discover unseen opportunities.

Office gossip? No thanks!

It is understandable for there to be some frustrations at your practice. There will be times when employees don’t see eye to eye or there is some tension. As the leader of your practice, you cannot fall into the habit of spreading any sort of gossip or even venting to other employees. What good could possible come of it? At best, you will make yourself feel better for a moment, but it will be that expense of your employee. More than likely, your employee will hear about it and the working relationship will be severely damaged. No one ever wins with gossip, especially not the boss.

Furthermore, it is your responsibility to set the tone in the office that childish behavior is not to be tolerated. You want to build a team that is focused on being positive and productive.

Avoid being overly critical, even of yourself.

If you are like most people, you go into your practice every day and try to do your best. It is inevitable that you will make some mistakes along the way, but the worst thing you can do is beat yourself up when you don’t get the outcome you wanted. If you did make a serious mistake, acknowledge it and learn from it. But don’t let it hold you back or slow you down.

We are all works in progress and there are always going to be improvements that can be made and new skills we can learn. Being too hard on yourself isn’t going to elevate you to the next level, but will stall you where you are currently. Try to be your own biggest fan and support those around you and they will do the same for you.

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