Tips For Finding The Right New Hire


If you've previously had to find a new member of your team, you know the hiring process can be grueling. It can take months to find the right fit, both for the position and your company's culture. So, as an owner and hiring manager, what qualities should you look for in a candidate to be sure you aren't setting yourself up for failure? Check out our tips to learn more about the negative impact of a bad hire, and the positive qualities to look for in a candidate.

The Cost of a Bad Hire

Sometimes, when the hiring process seems to be especially difficult, it is tempting to settle for a candidate who is good...but not great. Though it might seem like this hire will make your life easier, a bad hiring decision will not only frustrate you and your team, but it can also put the longevity of your other valued employees into jeopardy, slow down productivity, and cost you money.

According to a survey published by Cornerstone OnDemand, hiring a toxic employee into a team of 20 people costs approximately $12,800 vs. a non-toxic employee hire, which costs approximately $4,000. So how do you avoid these costly mistakes? Look out for these qualities in your candidates: resistant to change, disorganized and lack of credibility, and aggressive or defensive. Those traits are sure to have a negative impact on the environment in your practice.

Positive Qualities to Look for in a New Hire

You know what to avoid when making a new hire, but what are some of the positive qualities you should look for?

  • Values Match The Company Message: When you know the values that the candidate is looking for in a company, you will have a better understanding whether or not they will fit into your practice's culture.
  • Possesses a Desire to Grow: You want members of your team to have a desire to learn and grow. During the interview process, look for candidates who are excited by the prospect of learning more and developing new skills.
  • Long-Term Potential: Employee turnover is very costly, so hiring short-term prospects is not in your best interest. Look for new hires that want to establish roots.
  • Enthusiasm: An enthusiastic candidate will be assertive in performing their necessary responsibilities, excited to accomplish goals, and inspired to contribute to the success of the company.
  • Good Communication Skills: Communication is key in any business. It is imperative to have employees that can clearly and respectfully communicate not only with each other, but also with other business professionals and clients. This will help maintain your company's positive reputation.
  • Trustworthiness & Responsible: As an employer, you need to be able to put complete trust in your employee's ability to perform and accurately complete tasks in order to maintain a productive and positive culture. Look for employees that take responsibility for their work, and are good at taking direction.

The hiring process can seem daunting, but if you follow our tips and have patience, you will set yourself up for success!