Take A Time Out

It seems like the days are getting more and more stressful. Whether it’s the current political climate, managing your own chiropractic practice, or taking care of the family, stress is in every facet of our lives. If we’re being totally honest, most people find their lifestyles are limited to very little free time each day. When it comes down to it, we need coping mechanisms for stress that take just a few minutes to help us get back on track. If you’re looking for stress relief fast, this blog is for you!

Smile :)

Your favorite dog video on YouTube finally serves a purpose! Research suggests that when you laugh, feelings of depression and anxiety are reduced. Next time you feel yourself spiraling, take a moment and do something that will give you a quick laugh. It is well worth it!

Just Breathe

If you find that you are prone to panic attacks, there’s something you can do to stave off those panicky feelings: breathe!

That sounds too simple to be effective, but if you can stop anxiety from taking over your brown, you can stop a full-blown panic attack. Shallow, short breaths send signals to your body and brain that something bad is happening. Take control of your breath and practice long, strong breaths and slow, controlled exhales. This signals your brain that it is all going to be okay, so practice working on that breathing even before it feels like the world is falling down around you.

Play Time

Have you ever noticed that both kids and animals don’t ever seem to look stressed? That’s because they know how to drop everything and play!

You might not get recess like you did when you were little, but you can work a little bit of fun time into your day. Take your dog for a walk or goof off with your kids when you get home. Let your four-legged friends or little ones help you get out of your own head for at least a few minutes everyday.

No pets or kids? You can still have some fun! Download a mindless game on your phone or find a funny new podcast to give your brain a break.

Go Silent

Before you walk into your practice in the morning, enjoy a few moments of silence. No phone calls, emails, or radio. Noise can contribute to stress levels, so taking a few moments of silence can take away some of that ruckus in your everyday life.

As difficult as stress can be to handle, it is something that will always be present in our lives. To help reduce stress in your life and find a more successful you (and chiropractic practice!), click here for a complimentary coaching call!