How's Your Healthcare Biography?


The thing about first impressions is, well, they only happen once. It’s important that you make yours count — both online and in person. You know how important it is to keep your website updated, and that includes how potential patients get to know you. Writing an informative professional biography that shows off your unique personality and skills can be the difference between you and the competition. Here are our tips.

Attract New Patients With Your Professional Biography

Your biography is essential to your online presence as a chiropractor. When it is done well, it will help you:

  • Get found in search engines: Your professional biography should include keywords new patients are likely to use in their searches, which will increase the chances your website showing up on search engine results pages.

  • Give patients the information they want: By highlighting your specialties and qualifications (think education, board certification, published work, and years of experience), you display professionalism and that you are an expert in your field. This gives prospective patients the confidence to choose you as their provider for chiropractic care.

  • Introduce yourself as a person, not just a doctor: Of course displaying your professional accomplishments is the main goal, but your biography is also an opportunity to present your unique personality and explain what is special about your practice. Let your qualities shine to patients can see that you are a relatable person, not just someone in a white coat who is going to come in, do adjustments, and leave.

In many ways, your professional biography is a personal introduction as well as a calling card. It is a way to give potential patients insight into who you are, the culture of your practice, and your goals as a chiropractor so they can evaluate and decide whether you are the best person to provide their care.

Stay tuned for next week’s blog to learn more about healthcare biographies. If you’d like additional information on how ChiroDestiny can help you achieve your goals (both professionally and personally), click here for a complimentary coaching call!