How Are You Managing Your Practice?

There’s no doubt about it, you’ve put the blood, sweat, and tears into building your chiropractic practice. Now that your doors are open and you are treating patients, it is time to start managing. It can be overwhelming at first, but with the right tools, you will be on the path to success. Here are some of our top tips to manage effectively.

Consistency truly is key.

One of the most basic management principles is to practice consistency. If you reward an employee for going above and beyond, that behavior needs to be rewarded every time that action is done. The same theory applies to negative behavior. If an employee is consistently late and is reprimanded but another employee doesn’t receive the same consequences for the same actions, you aren’t practicing great management skills. When you treat all members of your team equally, you set a standard of expectations as well as showing your team you are fair and trustworthy.

Lead by example.

If you want your employees to be successful as individuals and as a team, you need to set the tone. If you maintain the behavior of an exceptional employee, your team will follow suit. This also applies to negative behaviors. If you speak disrespectfully to your employees, you will create an environment where that is acceptable. If you show your employees that you don’t care, then you can’t expect them to care. We all make mistakes now and again, but strive to perform at your best.

Ask questions and listen to answers.

You might be leading your team, but that doesn’t mean you have an answer for everything. A great leader knows that constructive criticism used well leads to improvement. By creating an environment where communication is open and encouraged, you provide opportunities for your employees to share how to improve practices to make them happier (and more efficient) workers.

Don’t be afraid of change.

The world is ever-changing, and you’ve got to be flexible if you’re going to survive. When change occurs, managers and employees alike become resistant and frantic. It is important that you maintain a calm and steady mindset when times get tough so your team will follow your lead and the practice will move forward.

Change will inevitably happen, and your practice will be better for it if it can improve and evolve. If this sort of information is included in your mission, you will establish a culture where change is accepted and encouraged, making it easier for everyone during a major shift.

These tips are just the start, but by starting with a consistent, fair, and welcoming leader, your practice is well on its way to achieving its full potential. To learn more about how ChiroDestiny can help you get there, click here for a complimentary coaching call.