What Happens When The Tribe Gathers

I am currently taking a break from sorting through the 5,500 plus emails in my inbox, and I just finished my Sunday Mind Sweep. Each and every time our Tribe gathers, we feed off of the energy from the group, and we all return home refocused and ready to improve our practices. No matter how many of these seminars we put on, or how many you attend, there will always be something you can learn from the Tribe.

Brett and I, as well as each of our coaches, are all practicing chiropractors. We want to be able to give chiropractors advice from our real-world experiences, and our Tribe members can do the same. This is why we purposefully structured this last seminar to give our guests more time together.  Those conversations that take place between sessions are the ones that stick with people the most.

Off the top of my head, I had at least 6 separate conversations that have inspired me to make changes in my personal life as well as my practice.

I am the first person to admit my weaknesses, and staying organized is sometimes one of them. This seminar was particularly beneficial to me, and I know I am not the only one who was inspired.

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