How to Get More New Patients and Keep Them Coming Back

As chiropractic coaches, we are frequently asked how to help chiropractors attract more new patients. We've written many articles on ways to get more patients and the management techniques in your practice to keep them coming back. I've found that chiropractors should be focusing on their mindset. The first thing you have to do is START:

S- See the future.
T- Track your progress.
A- Analyze your results.
R- Realize your goals
T-Tweak the weak spots

This acronym is something we cover with the members of our chiropractic coaching group. It reminds chiropractors to take a step back and reflect on ways to improve their practice. You have to set goals and then come up with a strategy to achieve them. Locate the weak spots in your practice, and come up with methods to improve.

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