One of the biggest challenges that I see as a coach is that many chiropractors have the, “I’ll believe it when I see it” mentality.  When they hear of another doc seeing huge patient volume, their reaction is incredulous…”I don’t believe it.  You can’t give good care in that amount of time…it’s impossible.”

Well, here are two tips to help you get past your doubts:

  1. Get your butt out of your office and go visit someone who is seeing 2X your best week ever in patient volume.  So, if your record is 200 visits in a week, go spend a day with someone seeing 400.  If your best is only 75, go see what 150 looks like…IN PERSON.  You have to see it with your own eyes to believe it, right?  No trick photography, no sleight of hand.  You will quickly realize that not only is it possible, but it isn’t as miraculous as you thought. Your glass ceiling will shatter forever.
  2. Next, stack a day with 10% more patient volume than your record day.  So, if you saw 70 people one day a few months or a few years ago, purposely stack 77 patients on the book (a Monday works best).  It is probably going to be a freak show.  You may run a little late.  You may be sweating profusely.  You may not urinate for the better part of 11 hours.  But, guess what?  YOU’LL DO IT!  You will serve all of those people one way or another and you will be exhilarated. Those patients will get their subluxations removed and you will have cleared a huge subluxation that you had in your belief system.  Your staff will be talking about it for weeks. Best of all, you’ll prove to yourself that you can achieve anything you desire and the sky’s the limit.