Your Best Practice EVER!

We just came off of our Markson Connection Expressions Gathering and I must say, it was AWESOME!

Do you remember what it felt like when groups of chiropractors got together because they wanted to learn and grow and share?  That was the feeling we all had.  Doctors, associates, support staff and spouses all got together to improve themselves, their practices, and their communities. 

As usual, Larry Markson gave us the “Mental Enema” we typically need after a few hard months in the trenches.  Guy Riekeman brought his contemporary views and visions to create the “What’s Possible” atmosphere. 

This was the first time for Markson Connection members to bring their staff and their spouses.  The staff classes referred to the characteristics of the world’s best chiropractic assistants.  The spouse workshops highlighted the importance of spouse support, service and connection to a higher purpose.  They LOVED it!

Overall, this is what everyone left with…

The biggest chiropractic practices in the world all share some similarities:  A crystal-clear vision, a gregarious leader, an enthusiastic team, and an attitude of excellence.  They continually adapt, shift, refine, and improve, never settling and never resting on their laurels.  Does your practice have these characteristics?  If not, find a group of chiropractors who do and follow them fanatically until it rubs off.

2011 is still young.  Get aligned with your purpose.  Go back to basics.  Think of the policies and procedures that helped you grow when you just started…stick to them tightly.  They served you well in the past and they will jog your memory back to the beginning when you were hungry.

Your best practice EVER is so close, you should be able to taste it.  I know a special group of offices who are enjoying that taste right now. Care to join them?