Where is the Enthusiasm?

After attending the Parker Seminar in Orlando last weekend, I only have one question…Where’s the enthusiasm?

Ever since I was a child, my dad would leave every few months to go Parker.  Instead of returning from a weekend away tired and drained, the opposite would be true.  He would come back fired up, full of pride, and enthusiastic about being a chiropractor.

As I got older and went on to attend various chiropractic seminars on my own, I finally understood what my dad was feeling.  There was something comforting about being in a room full of people who shared a common cause.  We could walk the halls and sit in classes without having to explain ourselves to anyone.  Ah…those were the days.

So, back to my question…Where is the enthusiasm?  Why are we not proudly attending chiropractic seminars?  Do you really think that sitting on a webinar, half paying attention and half checking your email gives you anywhere close to the experience that chiropractors have had for decades past?

It isn’t the economy.  It isn’t the time you want to spend with your family, and it isn’t that you are a straight, mixer, or any other ridiculous label.  Clearly, if we had the emotional connection to chiropractic that we used to, we would still seek out opportunities to band together. 

Remember, people make decisions based on emotion.  So, it stands to reason that if we, as a profession, lack emotion toward chiropractic as a whole, our desire to attend seminars, give back to our schools, and contribute to the future will certainly continue to dwindle.

I’ve been on both sides…attending some of the largest chiropractic gatherings in history, as well as sitting in on some huge disappointments.  I hope some of you long for an earlier time. 

Find a way to get enthusiastic again.  Make some travel plans.  Start locally if you must, go nationally soon.  Our profession was founded on talented educators standing on a stage and sharing their thoughts and research and knowledge.  The exchange of ideas at these seminars has lead to your ability to practice chiropractic any way you choose.  Don’t trade that in for some online continuing education credits.  There is no substitute for a collective consciousness.  Participate in person.