A Time for Reflection

As 2010 drew to a close, most of my coaching clients commented about using the holidays as a time of reflection.  We all tend to look back at our year and decide if we are satisfied with our decisions, our results, and how our reality differs from our vision of how things were supposed to turn out.

So, how’d it go?  Did you break records in practice?  Did you clean up your garage?  Did you lose the weight?  Did you learn to play the piano? Did you fix the relationship that went south?  We spend all of this time goal setting, but we don’t “Exit Interview” ourselves. 

Make sure you look back at your 2010 goals and see which ones need to be brought forward to 2011.  Create new time frames, new action steps and new emotional links to the achievement of the goal.  Remember, the goals that fall short are the ones that you didn’t have the right subconscious attachment to.

Now, here’s what I really want to know…Is Chiropractic everything you thought it would be?  Do you love practicing?  Are you “saving lives, one spine at a time,” or are you making up some diagnoses so you can get a few dollars from an insurance company?  Are you disenfranchised with our profession as a whole?  Are you contributing financially to our academic and political institutions?

It is easy for us to go along with our days, seeing our patients and depositing our paychecks, but that will get us nowhere.  Make this year a year of contribution.  If you don’t like what your local society represents, get involved in the change.  If you don’t love the philosophical split within our schools, get informed and affect change.

Those who sit idly by and cry at the rain, never get to see the rainbows.  This is your chance to do more than just survive one more year of insurance cuts and creative billing and marketing.  It is your chance to contribute to Chiropractic.  Please don’t take this lightly.  The next leaders of our profession are out there…are you one of them?