Share The Love!


This Valentine’s Day, show your patients a little love. Here are a few suggestions to help their hearts skip a beat.

1) Valentine’s Day Posts

If going all out for the holidays isn’t really your thing, start small by sharing a Valentine’s Day post. This will help your patients relate to you, and you won’t have to stress if you haven’t planned any Valentine’s promotions. Need some suggestions?

  • “Show your spine some love and schedule your next chiropractic appointment today! ”

  • “This year, make your spine your valentine! Contact us today to schedule your next adjustment or for a few tips and tricks to show your spine a little love!”

2) Valentine’s Giveaways

Host a flash promo for a free massage for every patient that has an appointment on Valentine’s Day. Want to increase pre-booking? Offer for patients to be entered in a giveaway for every appointment they pre-book. You can even partner with local businesses or restaurants to sweeten the deal!

3) Share The Love!

Valentine’s Day is all about love, right? So show your patients how much you value them by offering a discount for the month of February, a limited time offer, or even a free health seminar. Make it fun by posting a short video to announce it. Be sure to include those free Valentine’s filters you know will be all over Instagram and Snapchat!

4) Keep The Love Going!

Sharing the love isn’t just about your patients, be sure to include your employees, too! Treat them and order in lunch, pick up some Valentine’s Day cookies or cupcakes from the store, or have a little treat for each team member. The gesture doesn’t have to be huge, but your employees will appreciate it.

These are just a few suggestions to help share the love this Valentine’s Day, both with your patients and your staff. Happy Valentine’s Day!