Keep Calm And Carry On

Perhaps you’ve been in this situation before, or have interviewed a candidate who experienced this: an enjoyable job, but an inability to handle the irritable, excitable, and over-the-top temperament of the boss.

People leave managers, not companies.
— Marcus Buckingham
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In a 2015 comprehensive study by Gallup’s , “The State of the American Manager,” they found a tough truth: 50% of Americans have left a job “to get away from their manager at some point in their careers”. That means half of Americans in this study left a job primarily because of their boss. We don’t want you to be that boss. You don’t want to be that boss. Too much intensity can wear your team down, whereas a calm demeanor is not really something employees can get too much of. When you think about it, the core of management is accomplishing work through others. Here are three reasons why calmness is a key managerial trait:

  1. It reassures people. A calm demeanor inspires confidence. When you think of the people you surround yourself with, do you enjoy being around them when they are abrasive and erratic? A calm leadership style is one that people want to get behind. In your practice, your staff is going to spend a lot of time with you, and you want them to feel comfortable about that, not have them feel anxious or shudder at the thought of you entering the practice.

  2. It is better suited to solve business problems. Being calm isn’t just about keeping people comfortable. A calm leader will help employees (and ultimately, chiropractic practices) make good decisions. Think about the most recent big decision you made. Was it one made with snap judgment? Most likely not. The best decisions are analytical, well-thought-out and are rationally and calmly made. You might have a few lucky chances, but impulse choices made in the heat of the moment are not typically the best way for a business owner to operate.

  3. It encourages loyalty and productivity. The employees at your practice are similar to employees everywhere - they respond well to calmness. Over a long period of time, calmness is an easy and pleasant attribute to work with. Employees are more likely to remain in a job where they are happy working under a calm and effective manager, one whose example they can follow.

Adopting a calm demeanor will encourage a happy and healthy workplace where your staff will remain loyal and productive.