Ah, Sweet Relief!

Last week’s blog looked further into the many reasons why you might be experiencing high stress levels while operating your own chiropractic practice. Whether it is long hours, programs not working as they should, or taking on too many responsibilities, we are here to help. This week we’ll discuss how to reduce stress and prevent burnout at your practice.

Hire a Medical Scribe

One way to eliminate your already very heavy workload is by hiring a medical scribe. This person will take notes for you during patient appointments, so your main focus can be on providing great care.

Medical scribes can also help with a number of administrative responsibilities, including updating EHR’s. obtaining medical records, and coordinating referrals. This is a great tool in fighting burnout as you will get to spend more time on your passion and less on the paperwork.

Automate Office Tasks

Running a successful chiropractic practice requires a lot of work behind the scenes. You most likely already have administrative staff to handle these tasks, but they simply can’t do it all, you often get stuck with the overflow.

You can give yourself and your staff more time by automating certain job duties that don’t need face-to-face interaction. Simply using your patient booking system online and using automated appointment confirmations can save hours every day.

When these tasks that don’t require human interaction go automatic, your staff will have the capacity to take on the majority, if not all, administrative responsibilities. Additionally, you will be able to increase the amount of time you spend with your patients while also reducing work hours.

When it comes to stress relief tips, this is just the tip of the iceberg. If you are tired of being taken down by stress, click here for a free coaching call and learn more about how ChiroDestiny can help you reach your fullest potential.