Why Did You Become a Chiropractor?


Traveling as part of my job can be challenging at times. Traffic, waiting for Uber or Lyft, flight delays, packed hotels with tens of thousands of students, elevator waits of 45 minutes, waiting for everything from bell service to valet parking…I could go on and on. Behind the glamor and fulfillment of traveling the country lies what I call, “travel anxiety.”

Don’t get me wrong. I love my job. Six years ago I decided that I wanted to finish my career as a chiropractor working ON the profession, not IN the profession. I love to travel and motivational speaking is my passion, so being hired as the IMPACT Tour Director at LIFE University was my dream job. But sometimes, no matter how much we love what we do, challenges face us and we have to make the choice whether to let them control us or not.

On a recent trip to Chicago (BTW, the Atlanta traffic is child’s play compared to Chicago), I got caught up in downtown ChiTown with no GPS in the dark and about 40 right turns (Who would have known the buildings are so tall that GPS can’t get a signal?) not just once, but TWICE. Tens of thousands of high school students filled the Hyatt (pronounced Hee-ott by our New York visiting students), and I went to my room and vowed to never come out. Panic attack from stimulus overload passed on its own and I had an amazing event the following day (in spite of AV problems).

The next day came and I began to struggle with the thought of returning to the “Streets with no GPS” and two lane roads with no traffic break in sight and the anxiety started. But I had a symposium to hold for the students and I had made a commitment. So I called one of The Markson Connection coaches.

“Can you help me?” I asked. “I have this talk but the stress of the drive out of town is overcoming me.” This is the response I got:
“Breathe. Remember what a powerful and amazing woman you are. You are there to change lives. The Universe will reward you for the IMPACT you make today and you will have smooth sailing on your drive.”

So, I delivered my speech in a crowded ballroom (totally unexpected). It was followed by a standing ovation, students wanting to meet me afterwards (one in particular talking to me for 10 minutes about how I had just made a difference in his life) and text messages all night long from students thanking me for my IMPACT.

My drive out of town? Although typical of Chicago and construction traffic, the rest was….smooth sailing.

It’s times like this that I reflect what my Lasting Purpose is (to give, to do, to love, to serve all out of a sense of abundance) and what The Universe has in store for me.

Fear, anger, guilt, shame, and worry (anxiety) are all senseless emotions. I’m going to try a lot harder to trust The Universe that I’m here to make a difference. Nothing else matters.

Which of these emotions holds you back from trusting and BELIEVING? Let it go and know…
THE UNIVERSE MAKES NO MISTAKES. And if you get caught up, stuck in your head, ready to jump off a cliff, you know you have 6 great coaches there for you ready to bail you out.

Build your practice, love what you do, remove nerve interference, change lives and create miracles.

Isn’t that why you became a chiropractor?

I love my Tribe