Why Being Comfortable is Unacceptable

If your chiropractic practice is stuck in the same old routine, and you’re comfortable with where you are in your life and your practice, you better watch out. Remind yourself everyday that as soon as you feel comfortable it is time to start making a change!

Being comfortable is the enemy to growth and success.

Whether you have a chiropractic coach or not, only YOU can take the action needed to get your practice going in the right direction, even if that means being uncomfortable.

Doing just enough to be comfortable might pay the bills, keep your routine steady, and allow you to live a typical middle-class existence without even being close to approaching your potential.

No matter how many years you have been in practice, you should not be comfortable with where you’re at. You might seek out help from experts, spend hours worrying over theunknown, or attempt to come up with a game plan. This sounds stressful, but it is GOOD. As long as you are focusing energy on growing your practice, you will continue to thrive.

If feeling comfortable is important to you, then you need to feel comfortable with the idea of being consistently uncomfortable in order to grow.

I’ve found that when people begin to feel comfortable in their practice, they pull back from the help of a coach. They feel they’ve achieved the success they intended so they can now continue on their own. But, 9 time out of 10, they come back a couple years later saying they don’t know what happened, but they need help. Well, I can tell you what it was. They got too comfortable and stopped challenging themselves.

In your life and in your practice it is essential to consistently push yourself beyond what makes you comfortable so that you can achieve your full potential. We call this being ALL IN, and we are always challenging our members to stay fully engaged with their practices so that they will continue grow.