(Car) Keys to Success


A Note From Dr. Rick Markson: Today we have a guest blog from Dr. Erik Sorbo. Erik is a practicing chiropractor in Colorado and has been a Tribe member for almost a year now. He reached out to me after our event in Colorado and asked if he could share his insights from his experience. So I wanted to share them with you all:

I locked my keys in my car. It was a beautiful sunny Saturday morning in June and my wife and I had woken up early to exercise and prepare for the morning session at the Markson Connection Tribal Gathering. I got myself cleaned up and dressed in record time and beganpacking luggage to take to the car while my wife continued her morning ritual of hair, makeup, clothes, different clothes, and then more hair.

On the elevator ride to the lobby, I don’t know why, but I said to myself, “Don’t lock the keys in the car.” I said it multiple times through the lobby and out into the parking lot. After putting luggage in the car, I felt a little OCD as I looked at the key in my hand several times as I very deliberately locked the door and shut the trunk. I had successfully loaded luggage without incident!

Pleased with myself, I returned to the room and found that my wife had finished preparing and I was ready to empty the room of our belongings and head to the morning meditation session. We gathered everything and walked together to the car, placed the luggage in the trunk and closed the trunk lid mistakenly leaving the keys securely inside of the trunk…

After the issue had been resolved, I began to think about the entire incident and some very important concepts that I knew at a head level became emotionally real to me.

There is an interesting interaction between the conscious mind and the subconscious one.

As humans, we are blessed with the ability to reason, plan and even daydream with our conscious mind. Behind the scenes, however, there is another mind at work.

Our subconscious mind takes the words we say to ourselves, the words we hear from others, and the beliefs (whether true or not) that we accumulate throughout our lifetime from experiences, upbringing and interacting with those around us.

The subconscious never rests – it’s always actively playing the programs that drive our behaviors. We may be able to consciously modify our behaviors temporarily, but without changing the underlying belief systems that write the programs, lasting change cannot occur.

On that beautiful morning in June, I wrote a very short subconscious program that began playing in my head. What I said was, “Don’t lock the keys in the car”, but my subconscious heard, Don’t lock the keys in the car.”

Words like “don’t and not” and any other negative words are not processed by the subconscious.

In my first trip to the car, I used my conscious mind to override the program my subconscious was trying to play. On the subsequent trip, however, I let my conscious guard down and the program I wrote played out unfailingly.

So one of the many takeaways I got from the latest Tribal Gathering is to guard your thoughts. Whether they be about your health, your job, your family or your possessions. Affirm the positive and cancel the negative.

Identify your fears and replace them with faith – faith that the innate power within you is guiding you to your dreams.

I hope you found some real value in this post.  Please leave a comment below and let me know what your takeaway was.