We Get What We Focus On

We can all get more of whatever it is we want but, sadly, we don’t because we are unaware of or simply do not understand how to use the Law of Attraction - deliberately and on purpose – for our own benefit.

You see we all get more of whatever it is we focus on. That’s how the mind works – it simply cannot move away from its currently dominant thought, which means we actually attract what we spend most of our time focusing on. 

Yet, most people generally focus on what they don’t want. Their conversations are riddled with statements and verbal expressions that attract the opposite of what they’re looking for. They, in a matter-of-fact tone, say things like, “I don’t want to be embarrassed; I don’t want to fail this exam; I don’t want to hit this golf ball in the water; I don’t want to screw this opportunity up; I don’t want to lose what I already have and/or I don’t want to be uncomfortable.”

Do you see what is happening? Focusing on what is currently going wrong or what can go wrong actually attracts to you more of what you don’t want. That’s right!

So why do people tend to focus on what they don’t want? The answer is because we were trained to think that way from childhood, and it simply became a habit, a pattern of thinking.

We focus on fear, rather than faith, on what goes wrong versus what we can do to make things right. This pattern of behavior is so subtle that we don’t even hear ourselves thinking or saying what we don’t want and we surely do not recognize that we are actually destroying our opportunities for achievement.

Since awareness is the first step to high achievement, I suggest that you start paying attention to all the things you feel and say – your self-talk – and listen for the thoughts that are focused on what you don’t want. To combat this, decide to discipline yourself to focus only on what you do want. Begin by making a commitment to monitor yourself. Go from, “I don’t want to hit the ball in the water” to “I am going to knock this one next to the pin!”

Be persistent in your quest to learn how to focus you mind correctly and remember it took years for you to learn the bad habit and it may take some time to change your focus, especially when your guard is down. But it will be well worth your time and effort.

We attract into our lives whatever we focus our thoughts on. It’s as simple as that!