Keep Productivity High During the Holiday Season


The holiday season is upon us and that means productivity sometimes comes to a screeching halt. Between scheduled vacation time and a new year just a few weeks away, it is not uncommon for productivity to take a dive at the end of the year. Here are our tips to help you stay on track. 

Set Small Goals

With so much going on during the holiday season, it might seem impossible to accomplish anything. By breaking your goals down into smaller parts, you can work through them a little bit at a time. Making your goals small comes with many benefits:

  • It’s easier to get started. The hardest part of reaching many goals is simply taking the first step. The goal of completing a large project might seem unattainable, and taking that first step will be a lot easier if you start small.

  • They create a habit of success. If you start each day with a big “to do” list with tasks you couldn’t possibly conquer in a day, you set yourself up for feeling like a failure. When you break those goals down into smaller parts, you can create a list with tasks you are actually able to accomplish. When you cross more items off your list, you will feel more accomplished. If you do this consistently, you will create the habit of leaving the practice feeling that you’ve have a successful day.

  • They set you up to accomplish the greater goal. Let’s say you have a goal of running a half marathon, but you’ve never even run a mile. Instead of focusing on reaching mile 13, you would start by focusing on reaching mile 1 (much more attainable!). Once you accomplish that goal, you will feel a sense of pride and accomplishment. Then you increase your goal, and you continue so on and so forth until you make it 13.1 miles. The same goes for your chiropractic practice. Every goal you meet has value and contributes to the larger picture of success.

New Year’s Resolutions…Now

Why wait until January 1 to tackle those New Year’s Resolutions? As chiropractors, we know the health benefits of exercise, but did you know it can benefit your productivity? Exercise is a great way to increase energy, motivation, and concentration. The best part is that you don’t have to spend hours lifting weights to see these results. Set your alarm just a half hour earlier each day and find the exercise routine that works for you. Your body and your mind will thank you

Consistency Is Key

No matter what you to do keep your productivity up, the most important goal is to be consistent. When you maintain the same positive practices every day, even when it’s difficult, you trust in the process. By taking the right steps to success, the results will come. If you are looking for help on how to reach success with your chiropractic practice, contact us for a free coaching call!