5 Reasons Why You Should LOVE January 2nd

Last week, I told you about all the reasons you should hate January 2nd. On the flip side, here are 5 reasons to love it.

1. Clean Slate 

Who doesn’t like fresh starts? January 2nd seems to take on a mythical energy of new beginnings; as if all our mistakes and failures wash away. Okay, if that is the way you feel about it, use it to your advantage.  Turn the page… what do you see? Nothing… it is blank… that means you get to CHOOSE what gets inscribed onto the pages of your life. Do you choose sameness? Vast difference? Success? Wealth? Love? Contribution? Forgiveness? It’s totally up to you.


Are you kidding? Resolutions are a joke, remember? Well, let’s see… we are told to set our goals by October 1, but few people do. Aren’t resolutions just a procrastinated attempt at goal setting? Just take it one more step and write your resolutions down. Put some deadlines next to them. How about some specific action steps while you’re at it? Just for giggles, why not ask yourself WHY you really want these resolutions to come true. Oh, my goodness, you just actually wrote some real-life goals. Now read them every day and don’t come up for air until you achieve them all.

3. Health

Since the number one resolution for people is related to health and weight loss, why not jump on the bandwagon. Are you telling me you can’t improve on strength, flexibility, BMI, nutrition, weight, body fat %, or how you look in the mirror (yes, naked!)? Pick something. Have fun with it.  Challenge everyone in your household to choose a category and set some benchmarks. Even choose the rewards now so the kids stay on task. Bribery works!

4. You just had some well-deserved time off

You may not have travelled anywhere, but you just had a bunch of days off. You got Thanksgiving with family and friends.You got Christmas and Hanukkah with family and friends. You hung from the chandeliers on New Year’s Eve (How’s the hangover?) Guess what… IT’S TIME TO WORK. No more excuses about being burned out – you just had a ton of fun. You’ve had every opportunity to travel, visit, reminisce, and sleep. Let’s get back in the game, refreshed and ready to succeed.

5. Remove tolerations

Lastly, January 2nd is a fabulous time to ask yourself one question. “What am I tolerating in my life?” Maybe it’s your cluttered desk. Maybe it is your waistline. Maybe it is the filth in the trunk of your car. It doesn’t matter whether it is something at home or something at work or even something regarding a friend, family member, co-worker, or even yourself. You have the chance to remove the toleration and free yourself from the subconscious hold that it has on you. When you finally clean up that kitchen junk drawer, you feel lighter and happier. When you finally call that friend and apologize for that thing you did (I know it was an accident), you feel better. When you finish all those reports sitting on your desk, you prove to the universe that you are ready for more. Clean up all the clutter. The best way to start the New Year is unencumbered.