The Wave

Wow – Wow & Wow.  This past weekend I had the absolute privilege of attending and speaking at an amazing event called, “The Wave.”  That was the name given to Life Chiropractic College West’s investiture of Dr. Brian Kelly as its 2nd President. The event itself was attended by chiropractic dignitaries, college presidents, political leaders, industry superstars, practitioners and students – 1000 of them.

The theme was the transfer of the baton of leadership from Dr. Gerry Clum to Dr. Brian Kelly, formerly president of New Zealand Chiropractic College. Dr. Clum’s closing remarks were delivered like the true statesman that he is.  His talk was a compilation of history and the
future vision of the college and its place in within the chiropractic profession.  It was an incredibly warm, gracious, articulate presentation, delivered with dignity, sincerity and grace.
How he held it together, I will never know. He knows and we all know that Dr. Kelly is the right man to carry this important chiropractic institution forward and I wholeheartedly agree.  What a man he is – the real deal.

I guess that The Wave name is symbolic of a rising, powerful force of nature rushing toward its goal.  Life West gathered the finest chiropractic speakers in the profession and in turn they peppered the audience in 20 minute segments of what I will call the best collection of talks I have ever heard.  The audience would agree and they learned, laughed, applauded and were made proud to be part of this wonderful profession.